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Network's Members

Albanian IT Association

The Albanian ICT Association was established in 2007 as an initiative of Albanian enterprises working to address the needs of the IT  sector; as well as to transform the association into the most important representative body of the Albanian IT domain. 
AITA is focused on generating projects and implementing activities that have direct impact on the members and on the wider IT community in Albania, aiming also at a sustainable growth and development of the association itself.
Activities aiming the sustainable development of the association are focused on various activities for our members; fundraising activities and generation of projects that could consolidate the position of the association and increase the attractiveness for potential members; preparation of strategies and daily activities for the maintenance and consolidation of the position of the association in the NGO sector in Albania and in the region.

BIT- Alliance


Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications

Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications was founded in 2008 with the purpose to improve the competitiveness of its company members. The efforts are directed at the implementation of the best practices in management processes, the improvement of the marketing strategies of companies, the achievement of higher degree of internationalisation and the penetration of new markets. One of the main goals of the cluster is achievement of higher degree of internationalization and the penetration of new markets of its company members.
Eighteen Bulgarian companies from the ICT sector and Technical University – Sofia are partners in the cluster. The main advantages of Bulgarian Cluster Telecommunications can be seen in the design, development and maintenance of complex telecommunication networks of next generation, where the cluster’s experts most effectively combine their products, solutions and know-how. . The cluster encourages this as it keeps close connection with R&D centers and education institutions

Cluj IT Cluster

Cluj IT is a bottom-up, aligned, functional cluster association of organizations active in the information technology field, its main purpose being to increase competitiveness and growth of IT services and products on international markets and to forge strong sustainable public – private partnerships as key instruments to improve the life quality of the community we are part of. With a membership of 49 organizations, Cluj IT accounts for almost a third of the entire workforce in the local IT industry and since its foundation in 2012 has been functioning as a platform where various sectors of the economy are reunited: SMEs, universities and research institutes, public regional and local authorities, community organizations, professional associations. Our mission is to support the growth of an ecosystem which would allow long-term sustainability based on business in depth knowledge, technological aptitude and rapid adoption, professionalism and timely delivery. For more information on Cluj IT and our activity please access our website.


Corallia operates as a multi-aceted innovation catalyst designing and implementing interventions on selected sectors and regions with strategic importance for Greece.

Mission: To underpin and accelerate the development of cohesive and productive innovation ecosystems, within which actors operate in a coordinated manner, in specific sectors and regions of the country, where a competitive advantage and export-orientation exists.


The Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies (HAMAC) is an industry association representing a vibrant sector of more than 80 high-tech companies whose activities include the development of added value mobile applications, the provision of added value services for telecommunication providers, the provision of innovative communication, content and application services. HAMAC comes to conjoin all the companies of the mobile sector in a mutual target: the promotion of cooperation towards globalization.

ICT Association of Chamber of Commerce FBH

Federal Chamber of Commerce is an association which was constituted in November 1999. ICT Association of the FBiH Chamber of Commerce was established in 2014, aiming to bring together the ICT industry and is an advocate of its ideas and interests.

ICT Association intends to become a center to support the development of ICT clusters in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ICT Cluster Bulgaria

ICT Cluster is NGO, established in 2005. The orgranization is core center of cluster knowledge in Bulgaria, a mentor for young entrepreneurs, an advisor on ICT and Digital policies, and mentor and promoter of development of ICT SME growth and competitiveness. ICT Cluster has a leading role in the cluster processes and cluster management in Bulgaria, especially in the field of ICT. With the support of ICT Cluster, two clusters were created and received methodological and operational support. The organization is one of the co-founders and driving forces of the Association of Business Clusters in Bulgaria and Balkan and Black Sea ICT Clusters Network. ICT Cluster provides access to range of services for companies, start – ups and entrepreneurs in the field of ICT, such as providing support to young entrepreneurs to develop the skills to start, operate and grow a technology - based business, support for getting “investment readiness” and presenting to potential investors. ICT Cluster helps SMEs to become more visible and to present their products in the foreign markets. ICT Cluster works with the state administration on four directions: ICT policy, clusters policy, state policy for ICT SME and ICT sector branding and positioning.

ICT cluster of central Serbia Kragujevac

ICT CS - ICT CLUSTER OF CENTRAL SERBIA - ( is a business association which gathers enterprises, institutions and organizations from ICT sector from the territory of Central Serbia, based in geographical center of Serbia, in the city of Kragujevac. Cluster is founded on May 21, 2013 with the goal to support and develop the information and communication technologies sector on the territory of Central Serbia. This goal will be achieved through building capacities and infrastructure of the Cluster to provide support for development of small and medium sized enterprises in ICT field with the aim to enhance their competitiveness, business and visibility on domestic and international markets. In this relatively short period of its existence Cluster has managed to gather 24 members from the ranks of enterprises and institutions and organizations that contribute to development of ICT sector in Central Serbia, on direct or indirect way.


ICT Cluster Plovdiv

The non-profit association “Cluster information and communication technologies Plovdiv“ in short "ICT Cluster Plovdiv" is registered in the Plovdiv District Court, by decision No: 309 on October 25th 2012.Scope of activities: Promoting, supporting and developing cooperation between all companies, educational institutions and government institutions in the field of information and communication technologies in order to create profitable conditions for their development, enhancing their competitive advantages in both national and international level.


ICT Network is an association of companies, individuals, academic and research institutions devoted to the development of ICT sector in Serbia. It was established in 2010 by the merger of two former cluster initiatives, Serbian Software Cluster and


As a unique information hub, ICT Network today provides its members with access to relevant and up-to-date information from ICT industry, thus enabling them to boost their competitiveness and grow. As an open organization, it offers its members equality of opportunities and a transparent framework for efficient fulfilment of their interests.


One of Cluster’s main objectives is to encourage its members to suggest their own initiatives or projects which can be realized either through Cluster’s extensive network of strategic partnerships or in cooperation with other member companies. It provides its members with a variety of opportunities helping them to build greater visibility while keeping their business operations cost and time effective.


Currently, Cluster is focused on obtaining easier access to public and EU funds for its members, giving them possibility of internationalization of their business operations and actively supporting their innovative and enterprising initiatives and projects.


Macedonian Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies - MASIT is a volunteer, non-profit chamber of commerce. The chamber was founded in 2000 as an initiative of the top fifteen Macedonian IT companies.Today, MASIT is the voice of the Macedonian ICT industry. The chamber represents companies of the ICT sector in Macedonia including: software and IT services companies, hardware companies and distributors, carrier and other telecom companies, as well as training providers and ICT consulting companies.



Montenegrin IT Cluster

Montenegrin IT Cluster cluster is a young, perspective organization which gathers  companies, universities and scientific institutions from Montenegro. Our main goal is to help rising awareness of importance of IT usage and help this industry to grow, not just in the country, but also regionally.


NiCAT - Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies is non-profit association of successful local companies doing business in the electrical and electro-mechanical industry as well as in the ICT industry, scientific research institutions and economic development support institutions, founded in 2011. We are leading institutions working with Hi-tech industry in South East Serbia and we have catalyst role in community and the region. Self-sustainable from the beginning we marked permanent growth in all aspects of business of the cluster and SME members. We have great cooperation with many stakeholders at the national and international level. NiCAT have strategic partnership with other three ICT clusters in Serbia and NiCAT is one of seven Founders and Board members of Serbian Cluster Association, as well as members of the Council of clusters of Serbia.


Our Goals

1. Increase the turnover of the cluster members both on the national and international markets.

2. Strengthening the capacities of the companies for technological development and innovations and development of new technological products and services.

3. Promotion of the City of Nis as a favorable location for business operations in the advanced technology field.


ODTÜ Teknokent has a growing and innovative ICT-Telecommunications, Aerospace, Homeland Security and Electronics ecosystem. ODTU TEKNOKENT has reached to a scale of 300 R&D companies, %89 of which are SMEs serving primarily in the above-mentioned sectors. In accord with the prioritized areas of ODTU and ODTU Teknokent these are the strategic areas of concentration. 
ODTU Teknokent combines two clusters: Aerospace, Homeland Security and Electronics Cluster (TSSK) and ICT- Telecommunication Cluster
• Aerospace, Homeland Security and Electronics Cluster (TSSK)
The cluster aims at providing added value to generate more synergy and cooperation among its members, with universities for applied research in defense sector, and with major contractors. The cluster members currently employ around 1000 R&D personnel and at any given point in time, approximately 150 active R&D projects being conducted by the members of TSSK.
• ICT- Telecommunication Cluster
%49 of all the companies located in Teknokent. The intended mission of the ICT Cluster is to bring companies and academicians together, and create an environment where they can realize innovative R&D projects and achieve international recognition.

STIKK - Kosovo ICT Association​

Being the collective voice of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Kosovo, STIKK promotes the converging interests of the businesses and individuals in the field of information and communication technology. STIKK is dedicated to consult and support the long-term growth of the ICT industry and is committed to promoting the contribution of ICT to economic growth and progress in Kosovo. Currently, STIKK represents around 80% of tech companies in Kosovo, which enables our organization to offer an enormous variety of technologies, mostly focused on software development, mobile app & solutions, web development, UX/UI design, IT specifications, software & mobile testing, ERP products, system architecture, databases, maintenance & support, and many more.


  • Advocacy & lobbying services

  • One-stop-shop services for international and local clients

  • Market intelligence, Promotion, and B2B matchmaking services through Export Promotion Service

  • Consulting and technical assistance services
    business development

  • Coordination & networking services

  • Project management services

  • Capacity building services
    through STIKK Education

  • Incubation services and start-up support
    through Innovation Centre Kosovo

  • Innovation management services
    through STIKK Innovation Hub

  • Organization of events & conferences European Union projects

  • R&D support through partnerships
    with private and public educational institutions

Vojvodina ICT Cluster
VOICT provides a single point of contact with the best IT companies in Serbia, with the total workforce of 3,000+ experienced IT professionals working in our member companies. We build long-term relationships based on trust and quality, bringing expertise, experience and passion for excellence to each and every project..


IT-Cluster Odessa 

IT-Cluster Odessa includes 16 companies: Luxoft, AB Soft, Intersog, VertaMedia, WannaBiz, KeepSolid, Provectus, Ciklum, Looksery, HYS Ent., Ice Ent., DataArt, NXC Group, 111 PIX UA, Clickky and Beetroot. This are about 2500 employees. Also 4 technical universities and 5 private IT-courses are participated in our cluster. Our strong partner is Department of Economy (Odessa City Government).
We create new eco-system for growth up IT in Odessa. Our slogan is "IT-Odessa: Growing strong together!". The key purposes of the IT-Cluster Odessa are to organize, support, maintain and implement IT sector development in the city and region in all areas of education and business. Educational projects are our first priority. Our another priority is create the network between ICT-professionals, companies and clients.

Macedonian Cluster for Export of Software and IT Services

MACES [makes] is an NGO established in 2016 by 12 leading software companies. They agree to act in a spirit of mutual cooperation, goodwill and shared knowledge with the objective of contributing and coordinating their efforts toward reaching the strategic goal - building a competitive IT sector capable to deliver innovative software solutions and IT services to the EU and other international markets.

The cluster should enable efficient cooperation among the industry peers in the country and helps to overcome present export constraints. The ultimate goal of the cluster is strengthening the competitiveness of the software and IT services companies both nationally and internationally.

Chernivtsi IT Cluster

Chernivtsi IT Cluster was established in April 2015.

IT cluster is a public organization that unites the leading companies in information technology, software development and software outsourcing business projects with the support of local authorities and universities have taken the initiative of complex changes in the IT ecosystem of the city.

Partner companies and individual volunteers from IT are providing the huge help in solving this problem.


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